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We utilize the World Wide Web to showcase and promote locally owned businesses and to support and uplift our neighborhoods in the various areas. We have created a community network that is just a click away that links businesses, churches, community events and civic organizations. We hope you find that unique product or service you’re looking for among our pages. Point your favorite local business in our direction so that they can get the most exposure out of their website.


We’ve successfully migrated to a new, more powerful server. The change affects both email and web hosting. Members can access their domain administrative area at Usernames follow the template The passwords have remained the same as our previous administrative area.

Checking your email is easy with our RoundCube Webmail interface at:

We have support documents on the right that walk you through the changes to the administration area and for those popping email.

If you have trouble with your email or questions about the administrative area, feel free to contact us by email at or  by phone at (217) 344-4847.


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