Web Design

Web Design Services for Local Business

Drawing a Database Plan for e-commerce store, USA Local Biz.com offers comprehensive web design services at affordable rates for any small business. Whether you want to sell your products and services to a global community or simply create an informational page for potential customers, we can help you achieve your goal. We have been building successful online businesses for several years, including static HTML sites, content management systems, and e-commerce solutions.

Have you considered building a site (or had a family member promise to create one) only to be lost on where to begin? Our process makes building a site simple, easy, and affordable for any size business.

The first step is to assess your needs. Do you want a site that you can update via an administrative back-end, or a static HTML site? Will you be editing pages on a regular basis, including adding photos, images, descriptions, events, or coupons? What needs will your website fulfill?

Static HTML Website Development

We recommend this option for businesses that don’t plan on doing their own updates, or for those who have a savvy web person available to make changes. A static HTML page showcases products and services, with the relevant information to sell the user on visiting the store to finalize the purchase.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS sites offer more flexibility and control over regular HTML sites. We start with an framework and develop the add-ons for the site based on your business and site needs. Do you want a photo gallery you can change behind the scenes? Want a FAQ that builds itself? Want a way to edit articles, page descriptions, or images without knowing HTML or understanding FTP, then a CMS site would work best for you. The sites we build utilize PHP and MySQL, meaning they are built on a database and programming language. The site would be as dynamic as you want it to be.

e-Commerce Site

Small businesses can sell online too. The startup costs and montly expenses for an e-commerce store fractionalize the costs of a brick and mortar store opening. If you have an existing site, we can tailor the online store to fit the existing template or create a whole new look and feel. We offer standard functionality with all of our e-commerce stores, like shopping cart features, user accounts, real-time shipping quotes based on weight, zone tax setups for in-state and outside state purchase, quantity price breaks, discount coupons, and many more features available upon request.

Logo Creation

Our graphic artist will talk with you about your business, your goals, and together you’ll visualize a new brand logo. All logos created as vectorized images, so you can take them to a print shop and blow them up to the size of a football field without losing the integrity of the image.

Our Design Process

First step: we meet with you to decide on which services you require. Have you ever had a website? What goals do you have for your website? We’ll start by determining what material you want online. Do you have any web copy written? We can help with that too. Writing the copy for the web can be vastly different than writing for a handout flyer or other marketing material.

Second step: we take the information we gathered from our meeting and develop a draft of a site. In most cases, this process would take one to three weeks, depending on the type of site you purchase. The final stage here would be a followup meeting to determine the changes that need to be made regarding the draft.

Third step: at this point we could take the feedback received from the followup meeting and transfer them to the live site. The site would then go to the production server and become live upon your approval.

Web design isn’t exactly like print marketing. The medium allows us to change text and pictures rather quickly. Various iterations of site text can be done without hurting the integrity of the live site. We encourage our clients to continue to polish the site after it’s live.

We can either host the site ourselves for a monthly fee, or publish the final results to your host. That’s our design process. If you’re a small business owner, give us a call today to start the first step of the process.